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Originally I had four riders, Miguel Duhamel was filling in for an injured rider, but pulled in on the parade lap because he didn't feel he was fast enough on the new bike.
My race is red flagged one lap in because Aaron Yates low sides and then lays down on the track so he can restart.
...on Pedrosa:
"It goes without saying I have shit bigger than him. Hell, my five year old daughter could kick his ass..."

...on Stoner:
"The only time I talked to him was when him and Adrianna were together. I asked her if he ****ed like he rode practice sessions...hit it as fast and hard as possible for 5 minutes then kick back and take a nap. He wasn't amused."

More realistically :)confused: ):
Mick Doohan - for his complete career and his monkey riding style.
Kevin Schantz - for his “take no prisoners” attitude.
Colin Edwards - for his 2000-2002 RC51 seasons.
Giacomo Agostini - for his talent and multiple simultaneous championships
Max Biaggi - for being AKA ATL ;).
Kenny (the king) Roberts - for making us all go down on our knees.
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