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Originally I had four riders, Miguel Duhamel was filling in for an injured rider, but pulled in on the parade lap because he didn't feel he was fast enough on the new bike.

Wow...brilliant analysis...however, in mine, the race promoters missed the 3 rider part.

The Go-Show was on the line-up, but failed the drug test and subsequently got caught nailing the trophy girl in the Monster Energy drink tent.

Pascal Picotte was entered on the much lauded Hardly Davidbomb and was given a 2 lap head start...he finished down a lap.

Ian Hutchinson tried to enter, but there was no translator available to help him with his registration.

I actually had the Stig winning it after some minor Top Gear modifications turned the Aprilia into the $96M Bugatti Veyron Version 19.6... only to be disqualified... leaving the title to British female rider Jenny Tinmouth
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