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Advanstar Shutting Down 2Wheel Tuner magazine

PR from Advanstar Communications.

Advanstar is ceasing publication of its consumer custom sport bike magazine, 2Wheel Tuner. The September 2010 issue will be the final print edition of the magazine. The issue will be on-sale in early August.
“We realized we needed to find a better way to give instant response and timely content to our readers in daily doses around their schedules. So we’ve made a tough decision to close a chapter on 2Wheel Tuner, the magazine that blazed the scene back in 2004, and fully embrace the ever-changing digital world through our rapidly growing community site, “Sport Bike Club.” Advanstar Communications is the parent company of Dealernews and Dealer Expo.

Just heard 2 wheel tuner is done! - Stuntride Motorcycle Stunt Forums


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I got a free one somehow a few years ago. I am a magazine pack rat and have several hundred if not thousands from the last 20 years.

This was one that was pitched in the trash two minutes after flipping through it.

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But what will the stretched swingarm crowd have to read now???? Say it ain`t so!!!!!!
You're assuming they CAN read..................:banghead

Semper Fi! :rockon


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hell, Harley is still around and look at the shit they`re pumping out...
Their demographic is dying of old age, while the 2 Wheel Tuner demographic is splattering themselves all over the streets. Either way, we're winning the battle on both fronts I guess.:eek:
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