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V4 CyclePath...
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The Real Burt Monro

Miss Infineon Nicole...

I found Yamaha's intake screen designed to keep out Texas Tumbleweeds and CRTs...

Jack and his beautiful Norton 961

No question about Colin Edward's M1 Swingarm Length...

Brittney and her Aprilia V4... moozic on the seat of her pants...

Al the pal is the smart one... he rides an BMW S1000RR... I'm just a dumb
guy with a Lathe and Mill...

People came up to me during the show and asked are you Old Baldy from Speedzilla???

He with the senior member
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lol. She is. That post was my way of saying that I didn't think she's "all that".
...and my way of saying that both subject matters are probably wearing those aides... although I think the girl does it vastly more successfully :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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