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Read the review and I have to have one also. But at twice the price of my current car it aint gonna happen.

Having been to Imola I found this rather intrigueing.

"Many of the town’s homes, public roadways and apartments literally overhang or cross directly over the racing surface, giving Imola a real-road-course vibe in places, an almost Isle of Man TT-like feel."

Yes the track is in the town but no it does not feel like the IOM and none of the buildings are that close.

"This came in quite handy when bending downhill at speed through Turns 17 and 18 into the Curva Rivazza area. It’s here where riders are wide-open on the throttle, first leaning left and then back to the right, houses and apartments literally lining either side"

Sorry Mr Atlas, no apartment building on the inside of the track.

Makes you wonder if he actualy went there?

Also no comparision to the lap times of Carlos other than he got a tow.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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