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2007 Triumph Tiger
9579 miles

$6200 (neg.)

Free deliver w/in 100 miles of Pensacola, 100 miles of Atlanta or anywhere along the I-65/I-85 corridor between Mobile and Atlanta.

Bar risers
Stock screen
Givi screen
Flashing brake-light thingy...it was on when I bought it
TOR exhaust
Triumph tail bag made for the bike.
Yes, it comes with the owner's manual
Yes, it comes with a Haynes manual (I think it's Haynes...I'll check later and correct myself if need be)

No, it does not have ABS.
No, it does not come with hard luggage.

The bad: Turn signal switch doesn't lock in place so you have to hold it over to the side with your thumb. This may change if I get motivated to fix it.

The good: Churns through highway miles like a champ. I got this bike for going back and forth between Pensacola and Atlanta, and that's about all I've ever done with it besides going back and forth to work. I'm sure there's lots of good stuff about this bike, but I'm not going to try to BS you folks. Never down, never raced, adult ridden...insert all your craigslist cliches here. It is what it is. My track bike took a little spill so I need to unload this so I can put it back together (the way I want it).

If anyone gets real industrious and enhances the photo so you can see the tires, don't be too alarmed. After the OEM Pilots were done, I spooned on a set of take-offs from my track bike. So if you see some "sporty" wear on the tires, it's from running them at Jennings on my track bike, not tearing up the local roads on the Tiger. ;) I might be able to throw in a new set of Power Pures and plenty or random used tires if it helps sweeten the deal. So far all you KLR guys out there...FREE used tires. All you have to do is purchase a bike. ;)

Sorry, this is the best pic of the odo I could find.

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