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anyone looking to trade their RC for a 2005 cbr600rr? black, chrome and stock windscreen. rear fender shaved, seat cowl and rear seat. if so email me [email protected]

or sell for 7500 obo

Modified by devilisht2003 at 11:33 PM 6/24/2005

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Re: 2005 cbr600rr for RC (devilisht2003)


03' RC51
odometer reads 8300 miles (I was running 15/41 without a speedo calibrater until roughly 400 miles ago. probably closer to 6500 in actual miles on bike.

Erion Pipes (black)
PC111r usb
jim ahlmans speedo calibrator
Frame Sliders
Harris fully adjustable rearsets (black)
new EBC HH pads
Greggs custom flushmounts front signals.
Vortex clip-ons
Shop Manual

Mods done:
Pair Mod
Flapper Mod
15/41 gearing
eyebrow mod (white)

Mobile1 red cap oil changes every 1500 miles on odometer so in reality oil changes every 1200 miles.

Pilot power rubber is still good.

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Re: 2005 cbr600rr for RC (devilisht2003)

I have a slightly used
2000 RC with Sato highmounts. While I'm at it, could I interest you in purchasing some pristine ocean front property in Kansas?

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I'D LOVE SOME!!!! nothin better!

k seriously just casue some of you wont trade doesnt mean everyone wont.

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Re: 2005 cbr600rr for RC (clarkandgrilli)

man it better be Aprils fool in June cause dammmm
...NO religion a bud of mine would say...

but wait ...he brought himself a 1000RR just last week

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hmmmm only thing we could do would be pay the shipping or drive to like Oklahoma and meet
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