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Well, here it is folks...

Available for you, one of the nicest; if not the nicest example of a 749S available today!

I will (safely) assume most of us hanging out around here know the significance of a S bike, but for those of you that may be shopping around that don’t, here are some S highlights over the standard 749:

-Factory adjustable rear-sets
-Tin coated forks
-Fore & aft adjustable seat
-Higher HP motor (bigger cams/higher compression)
-7mm valves with MBP type collets (a’la R model motor)
-Mono tail with number plate
-Adjustable steering head angle (23°30” [track] & 24°30” [street])

Here’s a list of modifications I’ve done to the bike in no particular order:

-Ducati Performance 41T sprocket and DiD chain
-Full Termi symmetric 54mm system (with air filters and ECU)
-Power Commander with custom map (not a generic downloaded map)
-Dynode at 112 HP/55 ft-lbs
-Penske shock custom built by NC Rick @ Cogent Dynamics (forgot the spring rate, sorry)
-Stock tin coated forks custom built by Dave Moss @ Catalys Reaction Suspension in CA with new valves and Amsoil fluid. .90 springs
-BrakeTech iron rotors & Ferodo organic pads
-Carbon Fiber: exhaust shields, rear fender, heel guards, sprocket cover, air tube covers, key surround, timing belt covers (full set),
-Front number plate
-Pazzo brake/clutch levers (shorter, 2-finger brake lever/full length clutch lever)
-Puig wind screen (not the double bubble, but slightly raised above stock [notice the goofy front light elimination...that’s a good thing!!])
-3M di-noc carbon fiber film over the DUCATI 749S letters on the sides (in the phone pics)
-Safety wired brake calipers, oil drain plug (billet hex drain plug from MootWheels), oil filter, fork pinch bolts, rear brake caliper
-Custom one-off, red Termi stickers on exhaust shield (the little guy faces forward on both sides...there’s actually a L and R sticker, unlike normal Termi stickers)

Additional particulars:
-Amsoil 10W40 and Amsoil EaOM138 filter ALWAYS. This bike has never had anything else in it.
-Amsoil Series 600 DOT 4 brake fluid in the brakes and clutch. My clutch fluid has never had that dirty look that most SBK owners complain about.
-All service up-to-date. I have full records/tracking of EVERYTHING I’ve ever done to this bike.
-Termi ECU tuned by Munroe Motors in San Francisco
-Most Recent valve adjustment performed by Munroe Motors
-Bridgestone 002RS’s with good tread left.
-Distilled water & RedLine WaterWetter in the cooling system
-Fairly new battery
-Steering dampener rebuilt with Amsoil 10W fluid
-Electronic copy of factory full service manual (yes, hard to come by)

With all that neat stuff said and done, here’s my biggest claim to fame and the best offering about this bike...I will GUARANTEE you, you WILL NOT find a cleaner, better detailed bike out there compared to this. I am a semi-pro detailer besides being anal and besides detailing being my hobby. The paint and every nook and cranny finish on this bike is flawless. There are no swirls or scratches of any type in this paint. Every inch of this bike is immaculate.

I’ve included some links to detail threads of my car and truck and of my garage. I feel these links are relevant to the sale of this bike because they show you how particular I am about my vehicles and how I take care of my stuff, particularly this bike.




I would also like to provide a few references:

Our very own John is not only a great friend of mine, but he works for a company that makes some of the best detailing and polishing pads you can get. John will attest to the level of detail of this bike, the condition of the paint, and how well cared for it truly is.

Also, ducatimike of EMS Ducati valve shim kits. Mike and I are very close personal friends and he will attest to the condition of this bike as well as the mechanical condition. He can vouch for how well I know this bike and this motor and how well this example has been cared for.

Additionally, feel free to post or ask anyone in the Northern California setion on ducati.ms about this bike and they will fill you in. Before I moved, I was very active in the area and we were a very close bunch. They have seen this bike and will vouch for it.

Why am I selling her?? Two reasons: 1...I had a goal of making this a full time, track only bike. Things in life will prevent that from happening for a few more years to come. 2...I want another project. I want something to tinker with and make my own. I can’t budget a new Ducati project and leave this sitting in the corner as eye candy. I’d like to do both, but I’ve made a decision based on what’s more important for me at the time and I’d rather have a bike to work on for now.

And here is your obligatory “never been crashed or down” statement/guarantee! Clean/clear title in hand.

If you need to ask me how incredibly awesome this bike is, please do. Unfoulable stability and handling. Motor runs like a sewing machine...I could go on and on and on!

So without further adue, here are some pictures:

**NOTE** The Amsoil stickers in some of the photo’s are NOT stickers. They are those static cling clear decals. They literally peel right off without leaving a single trace. They just happen to be on there for some of my favorite photos of the bike.

Please let me know if you’re interested; I have no doubts we can work through a deal. I am extremely flexible on shipping and/or delivery; lets talk about whatever you want to talk about. Bike is physically located in St Louis, MO. I’ll make it work for you and I both somehow...whatever it takes!

I will also entertain trade offers for a ’04-’06 1000SS. I’m not looking for a complete hunk of junk, but I would prefer something lightly crashed or one that needs a little TLC instead of a mint example.

Reasonably and respectfully offered to you today for $8,299.00

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For your viewing pleasure...


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