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yellow monoposto 9400 miles located at tacoma, washington. clean title on hand ,never raced or down at all. serviced regularly from local ducati seattle dealer. with tons of after market parts
-yuasa ytz7s battery
-dp carbon front fender
-ohlins damper
-low fan temp switch
-kick by pass switch
-dp corse windscreen
-sargeant seat
-stm frame plugs
-cyclecat gp shift rear set
-carbon heel guard
-carbon guage cover
-d.i.d 520 chain
-afam quick carrier sprocket set up
-corse carbon swing arm cover
-carbon rear hugger
-carbon termi half system
-cyclecat frame sliders
-dp carbon heat shield
-black anodized rear height adjuster
<U>asking $9400<U></U></U>

more pic's at http://www.chinkyboi.com/images

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Re: (rmani)

good deal if services have been correct and maintained....you have the paper trail? somebody look at this girl

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Re: (throttlehead)

yeah i wish i had the record but the first owner had the record for the service he had done but i only have the one from my local dealer for the 6000 mile service which came out perfect , nothing wrong i was alittle nervouse incase they found something wrong but she was all good!
hey throttlehead, any luck on ur 998?

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Re: (kam1996)

thanks guys! but i thought why be like everone else and have red!! although my track plastics will be red since the bike isnt selling. heres a pic in the track body work. all body work including the tank was from ebay and paid under $500 bucks, not bad at all


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Re: (killer bee)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by killer bee »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">.... hey throttlehead, any luck on ur 998? </TD></TR></TABLE>

well just found out, coolant, oil, filter, iridium plugs, gaskets, washers, clutch fluid drained/filled/bled, rear brake drained/filled/bled, used starter motor/overnight ship/, install, non-fuction-remove, rebuild with brushes, nuetral switch pulled and fixed, new tires- front and rear, missing clips, airbox bolt, crossthreaded tank bolt/redone,

QB vented front fender ready to put on
TPO plate bracket ready to put on
LED plate light to go on
BCM filters to go in
STM breather to go on
520 DID to go on
520 / 15/40 spockets to go on

set geometry and suspension after Ohlins respring

Fly wheel and nuts to buy
RED mono Tail to find or paint
pressure plate and cover to choose :)
Cyclecat extended side stand
Ohlins steering damp to find

now saving for 12K service

but i was told it starts and runs and rides now........well that was a problem free purchase

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seriously if you still have it in a couple of months I want it if we can work out something with shipping all the way to NJ. When is the next major service 12k miles? How many times have you tracked the bike?

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Re: (rmani)

ive tracked it once!
i was planning on this weekend but since im getting some interest i mmight just stay home.

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Re: (killer bee)

hey KAM considering the price and some bling and performance adds....and with only a tad K more miles and running well....for 1K less than i paid you- snap it

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Re: (throttlehead)


I love the red color..
I am going to hold out for a red one..may be later in the season there will be more for sale.....
Found on in Florida but the guys best friend works at the dealer..i dont like what i am hearing about service etc...First he said it was never moded or tracked..Now he says ..well there was that one time when I tried this exhaust..didnt work out..Not getting a good feeling about it..
I would rather buy from a fellow-speedzilla guy...
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