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I have 2 monsters and I am only able to ride 1 at a time. I have debated on which one to sell and the M900ie gets to go.

It is red and has 17k on it. It is in good shape as it is what I would consider a daily driver. It has high mount Termi's and a Power Commander III. A new D.I.D. gold X ring chain and a new rear tire (less then 1k). Front tire is about 50% and will make it through the rest of this season easily. I have upgraded the front forks to SBK TIN coated.

I just had the FULL 16k tune up done last fall and there are no problems. I had the fork oil and every other fluid flushed and changed. The bike was gone though top to bottom.

I really want to keep both but I can't stand to see one just sitting there that and the fact that I JUST GOT MARRIED!! (NEED I SAY MORE) Save the "I told you so's" I already know just a little too late.

I actually like my M900 better than the S4 but I have way too much $ in the S4 that I couldn't possibly sell it because I would lose my A$$.

I will consider serous offers. The bike is in Green Bay and I can deliver it with in 100 miles. I can also work out a deal if you want to FLY-N-RIDE (I have a ton of frequent flyer miles)

E-mail [email protected] for more info and pics.

Thanks for looking

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Re: 2001 M900ie FS in WI (foggy123)

Thanks Foggy123 You rock

One day I hope that I can figure out how to post pics and make them stay


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Re: 2001 M900ie FS in WI (s4duc)

posting a starting price may help out on your sale. used prices for monsters range so widely that it's a bit hard to make an offer out of the blue. kinda wish i was done parting out my two SS's cuz this looks like a bike worth jumping on for the next project.
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