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2001 ducati 996

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I am selling this bike for a good friend of mine who is deployed in iraq. He is buying a new bike when he gets home.
Great bike with carbon half system
FIM Chip

bike was low sided and sustained a little rash up at deals gap. the left side mid and lower were damaged the tail has a little rash and the clutch lever has a little rash on the round knob. I am located in NC at Ft Bragg. the bike has had motul oil and currently has 9000 miles on it. He needs to move this item quick because he bought a 998 and his wife is pissed.
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Re: 2001 ducati 996 (Kennedy)

I will have pics tonight i keep my bike at his house while mine is being built. The bike is located in NC i think he wants 8200 feel free to email me and let me know what else or if this sounds good. I would prefer to do a face to face instead of a sale over the internet. Just because it is safer I could probably bring the bike to florida this weekend because i will be going down there anyway i think
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