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Here is the deal, I just put a deposit on an 06 999S. I am going to have to use my 996S as a trade in and they will only give me 10K. If I do trade it I am going to put it back to stock so I can recoop some of my money. If anybody is interested I am willing to sell it for 11K as it is, that includes the new slipper clutch, rear stand and most stock parts, I also just got the 6K service by the one and only Motoservizio. Scott at Motoservizio has this thing running the best it has ever run and it was done the right way no single injector crap, as a matter of fact Scott was amazed how well it ran after his tune. Like I said I pick up my new bike a week from today and if nobody buys it by then I will be forced to trade it. you can see the bike here http://speedzilla.zeroforum.co...48221 and I am selling with everyhing I have for the bike, if you would like to talk to me in person please call me at 310-350-7224, it's my cell and if I do not answer please leave message and I will call right back. Thanks, Doug
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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