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I'm debating buying a lot of essentially three, non running, salvaged, crashed 2000 Ducati Monsters to rebuild/part out. They are non-running and in reasonably poor shape (but clean titles, yay).

What are some of the common bits and pieces to look for specific to these bikes? I'm not worried about checking common things like wiring, frame straightness, etc. But more worried about what breaks in the engines to see if they are complete junk and what are some common issues to look for in regular, clean running bikes.

Thanks in advance!

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I'm a little biased as I have a 2001 M900, but previous to that I had a 1994 M900. And my girlfriend has a 2002 M900 that's a bit of a frankenbike (but everyone including her/me loves it).

With that said.

The 900's that were made in 2000 and the 2001 are probably the best, least trouble air cooled Monsters made.

1) They're fuel injection and don't have the immobilizer system so the electronics are far easier to diagnose/play with/modify.

2) They've got the same size front end bits (fender/brakes/wheel) as the 748/916/996/998) <- they still use a mechanical speedo

They're simple to work on (it's only 2 valves and they're not hard to reach)

- working motors usually go from anywhere $500 -$1,000 but be weary of one that's been crashed and may have cracks at the frame mounting points and often people like to shoehorn these into the smaller engine monsters (I did this on my girlfriends)

- a lot of the bits are used in other models too, if you know what you're looking for.

My bike now has 40,000+ miles on it and I have ridden it hard and put it away wet and at the track too. Even stuffed it under a pickup truck a while ago. It's still going strong. I've had to replace a few bits here and there, but I've also modded the hell out of it anyway so the "bits I had to replace" are a wash in my mind with all the mods I wanted to...

I knew getting it 7 years ago from the original owner that I wanted to keep it for life and so far that's still the case.

Here's my diary of my "Monsteritis" so far.
01 Ducati cromo

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