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1991 zx7 questions

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Hey guys--A guy who works with a friend of mine is selling a '91 zx7. I was trying to hold off and not buy any more vehicles--work is a little slow right now, but he's letting this thing go for $2K. It's got a little over 20K and a new chain and sprockets/fork seals......Tires are at 50 percent. He says it runs well but probably needs the carbs cleaned up and a oil change. He has the stock front turn signals, but the rear fender and signals are gone. What do you guys think about this deal? I don't need a money pit and will not be able to put any kind of miles on this to shake out any potential problems(It's below freezing here right now). Were these earlier zx7 models fairly bulletproof? TIA!


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Take it for a test ride and make sure 1st thru 3rd don't jump out of gear. If it checks out then go for it.

If he's not willing to let you test ride it, see if he's negotiable on the price and with the money saved put it on a dyno before you commit. That's "IF" you want to be sure about the transmission.

Other than that they're pretty bullet proof. Other than general maintenance I don't see it being a money pit.
What an ugly ass bike
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1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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