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As I mentioned in another thread it looks as though my cam chain tensioner has let go. I heard a click while the bike was warming up then a lot of cam chain noise. I did get it shut off before any damage was done so I don't believe it skipped a tooth on either cam. This is the 1127cc oil cooled engine. The bike was a rolling chassis with a damaged frame and bushels of parts. It was re-built over the past couple years (all OEM factory spec) on a good frame but I didn't tear down the engine aside from doing valve clearances as compression was good and it ran well.

Suzuki used an automatic tensioner. Spring loaded. It is a noisy engine to begin with - even for Suzuki. Anybody got a source for the OEM tensioner? They are out of production and people are asking $600.00 for any they still may have. Failing that does anyone have a recommendation for a manual set up? APE is the only brand I am familiar with as I haven't had one of these fail before. The bike is 99.9% stock and I would like to use the original but for this I might have to go aftermarket.
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