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I'm at the point where it's time to mount up the chain, and I'm undecided how many links to put in the chain.

The gearing is 16/42 and because it's 2 teeth bigger I'm looking at a 108 pin chain instead of the stock 106. However it seems to put the rear wheel pretty far back.

I've attached a couple pictures, one with the 108 pin chain and the other showing where it'd be if I cut it down to 106 pins.

The bike is to be run on the street, currently has the 190/50 I bought it with and also has a scotts damper.

I'm thinking I should cut the chain down to 106 pins, that way the bike will turn quicker, have room to adjust for chain stretch or experimentation with 15 teeth up front.

Eventually the tire will be replaced with a taller 190/55, should that factor into this decision?

So what are your opinions on where to run the rear wheel?

Seems I'm presenting a dilemma a night lately, but thanks to you guys here I'm able to keep making daily progress on this thing. I really appreciate the help.


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If you are going for road riding mostly, fit the the extra link (108) and so keep the wheelbase as close as original as possible.
If you "shorten" the wheelbase the bike's not going to be more agile but it will surely be much more flighty. You will also lose rear wheel traction.
The bike has a relatively short wheelbase, it's relatively heavy and shortening the wheelbase won't do any good. A steering damper won't be enough to offset it.
If you want to run an original length chain, go for a 15/41 gearing. That's how this bike was supposed to be geared in first place. :p
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