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I'm going to be the owner of a 2003 999 in a couple of weeks. While looking through the Ducati Performance catalog I noticed thet there is a 15mm thicker rider seat available. Does anyone have one? Are they worth it?

One big improvement the '05 has IMO is the black passenger seat. A black one is also available for the passenger for the '03 999/749 from DP. Does anyone have one? Are they an improvement for passenger comfort?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 15mm Thicker Seat for 999 (sburns2421)

You will most likely be modifying your definition of comfortable when you get your 999.

Personally I prefer the thin seat up front , but Corbin and Sargent make good AM comfortable seats as well as the one in the DP catalog.

My girl's biggest complaint about the rear seat ( when I had it on ) was the high heat from the exhaust, not that the padding was inadequate.
She got her bun's roasted pretty bad until I put the termi exhaust on which eliminates 2 cats , one is under the passenger seat , makes the bike run alot cooler.

I finally bought her a bike of her own and made mine into a Mono , best option soo far.
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