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It's dangerous just because the CBR forks are not physically long enough. Off by about 40mm I think. From what I could gather, you can spring it and valve it all you want, but the front of the bike will just be more dive-prone because it'll be too low. It can't be properly balanced, and much more so when "everyone" raises the rear, adds race shocks, uses suspension links, etc.

I'm probably using all the wrong terminology, but maybe you get what I'm saying. :(

It seems RC51 forks are pretty much as long as they get in the "modern" SS world, so I could see why they'd work in other bikes (just raise the forks for the amount you don't "need"), but you can't go the other way.

Again, I'm a newb with regards to suspension, so take it with a grain of salt.:eek:
Makes sense to me.
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