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Just wondering if anyone on here has owned or owns one now. I bought mine last summer, its the electric start model and has only 1300 miles on it. Have done a couple simple mods, MSR hand guards & rim locks, everything else on the bike is stock.

The bike ran well all summer, but then after sitting 6 weeks it would only start & run on full choke, then bog & quit if I turned the throttle. I didn't realize how sensitive the carb was to stagnant fuel in such a short time, owning fuel injected RC51 for 10yrs will do that.

I have heard every suggestion from re-moving the carb & cleaning it to re-building it, to spraying carb cleaner etc. Just learned there is a 10mm drain bolt on the bottom of the bowl and that might be the fix??? Anyone have experience/advice on this?

Thanks for any help!
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