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06 Rc51 Front End Parts Off 468 Mile Bike

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Parts from the 2006 RC51 with 468 Miles on the Bike;

1: Entire Front Brake Assembly; Front Master Cylinder 17mm (with Brake Lever/No Brake Reservoir/Sorry I needed it),
Front Calipers with Front Brackets & Mounting Bolts for Forks & Calipers! With Front Brake Line Harness!
This set Up Is Ready to bolt On Your Bike! $275! Bonus, Entire Rear Brake Assembly Included:D

2: Clutch Master Cylinder Complete with Lever> $75! SOLD!

3: Left Side Handlebar> $45!

4: Left Side Control Switch Turn/Hi-Low/Horn> $35!

5: Top Triple Clamp with Ignition Hosing> $105!

6: Right Side Handlebar with "NEW" HRC 1/6 Turn Throttle with "NEW" HRC Hand Grips> $75! SOLD!

7: Right Side Starter/Kill Switch> $25!

8: Front Axle> $55!

This ENDS The Parts List off the 2006 RC51!

2004 RC51 Parts

1: Clutch Master Cylinder/with Reservoir> $35! SOLD!
Cap Cover is a bit Scratched! Used Original Cap! Replaced with a Spare I had!

2: Front Master Cylinder 17mm/with Reservoir> $45! SOLD!
Lite wear on the Top of the Cap & a Scratch on the Reservoir Bracket

No Levers Attached!

And The Last Part! But, The BEST "1"!


It's Clean! No Damage! And it's COMPLETE! Has ALL the Hardware for the Steering Stem Assembly> $225! SOLD!

*All Parts will be Shipped for FREE IN-48 by USPS Priority Mail Insured! Payment Through Pay Pal!!!
I'll Ship ANYWHERE for My Bros or Sisters! I'll Split the Cost if it's Fare! If More, then a (%) to help with Getting
what You need to Ya*!!!:D

Send E-Mail Address for More Pictures...
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idem #6

pm coming your way on the right bar and 1/6 twist
Got it today man! :clapper

Free bump for a great seller! :rockon
Thanx man

Just a good old honest transaction

Also BUMP!! BUMP!!
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