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2005 KTM 625 SMC
Mileage: ~3820 miles
Clean/clear title in hand

I will consider trades only if the deal includes a dirt or supermoto bike plus cash of at least $2000.

I purchased this 625 SMC new back in June of 2005. This ktm has seen a bit of everything, rode VIR South track once back in July of 05, some dirt roads and of course city streets and highways. Recently purchased a new set of Dunlop Qualifiers which have around 200 miles. I really enjoy the SMC and it has been one of my favorite bikes, best all around city bike ever. I hate selling it but need some cash and looking at getting a smaller/cheaper four stroke dirt/supermoto bike to play around on. Either that or get the 950 enduro or Duc Hypermotard!

Derestricted (throttle stop cut)
KTM Hard Parts Airbox Cover
Exhaust End caps Opened up
Emissions Removed
JD Jet Kit
Boysen HotShot

I’m going to give the bike grades in a few areas as to give you an impression of the overall quality of the bike.

Mechanical 10/10:
This bike has been maintained extremely well…
Chain Lubed every 500 miles or less
Oil changed at 600, 1500 (after track day), and 3000 miles (AMS Oil)
Valves inspected/adjusted at 600, 1500, and 3000 miles

There are a couple of reasons I feel comfortable giving a 2 yr old bike with 3800 miles a 10 out of 10 in the mechanical category. One is that I have been the owner since new and have done almost all of the work myself, so I know her inside and out. Two the bike is running better than new thanks to removal of the emissions components and the modifications that I have performed. She is a screamer. I was surprised a few weeks ago when I decided to try and kick start her, she started first kick! I tried to kick her when I first purchased her; it took a couple of tries. That’s a testament to how well the valves are adjusted and how superb she is currently running. The final reason is that the lc4 is a bulletproof engine. It is commonplace to see lc4 with 20,000+ miles on the clock. This KTM is still in its infancy. Only issue I see is that the engine needs more miles on her. I have heard numerous reports that the lc4s smooth out with mileage. As I have been told the biggest difference coming between 5,000 and 10,000 miles.

Appearance 8/10:

The overall appearance of this bike is excellent, but used condition. As mentioned before this bike is not a garage queen. It has been to the track once and seen the dirt roads numerous times and a few powerline trails. Although the bike has only been down once, when I slid on some gravel brake sliding into my garage. Only damage was a small nick in the clutch cover from the shifter. The mark is hard to seen unless you know what you are looking for. The plastic is in great shape minus a few scrapes here and there, they are only surface scrapes with none actually penetrating the plastics. The rear rim has some scrapes from remounting the wheel, but again you have to be about 3 feet away to see them. Other than that only normal wear you would expect from a bike with this age and mileage. I did have a bung welded on the header pipe so I could measure Air Fuel ratio which some might find a bit unsightly.

Performance 9/10:

The performance of the bike is excellent. All of the modifications that have been performed really opened the bike up. Using an air/fuel meter, I was able to really tune in the carb using the JD Jet kit. Clutch and brake performance are outstanding, offering excellent feel and modulation! The Dunlop qualifiers offer superb grip and feel. As I have said above these tires have very few miles on them and have only seen a dirt road once (a short one at that). The exhaust note is nice and loud, but not too loud that you attract the wrong kind of attention. The only reason I gave the rating of 9 is because the edge of the rear tire rubs a little on the chain. This does not effect the tire or the performance of the bike. It only looks a little strange.

I am willing to ship anywhere in the US, costs and arrangements covered by the purchaser. I will ship via forward air, Forward Air Home Page or Federal Motorcycle Transport, Federal Motorcycle Shipping - Motorcycle Shipping and Transport. I’m in Raleigh, NC 27604 and my forward air terminal is RDU to estimate shipping. The forward air SMC container will work fine, no need for the bigger ones. I will also consider working out a deal to deliver the bike to certain tracks in the east. I just purchased a bike from CA (LAX to RDU). The bike was shipped via forward air and cost $630 not including the locks or 4 straps. It took four days to ship once the bike was loaded in the container and left the LAX terminal.

Feel free to ask any questions whether by PM, email or phone. Thanks for looking.

Matt Coffey
Email: matty22c (at) msn (dot) com
Phone: (919) 622 4299

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Sorry the bike has been sold.

Hahaha, no you would not have been able to test ride the bike on the dragon, unless the cash was in my hand of course. :clapper That is funny. I was thinking about taking it up to the gap last weekend for the SMJ rally, but someone bought it before I could decide.
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