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Question for those with 04/05 999R's with factory carbon bodywork. Or perhaps any dealers online.

Does anyone have, or have you ever seen, an R from the factory with the interior surfaces of the bodywork painted red rather exposed carbon?

Part of the reason I ask is because I am having an issue with Ducati Parts and now the customer service dept. A replacement panel I have been sent is painted (badly) on the interior which does not match the original treatment on the rest of my bike. I have requested a panel which will match, and to be able to return this unacceptable panel without the restocking extortion.

They have told me to pound sand and part of their rational is that the panels come with the interior painted, or not, at random. Even if that's true it doesn't change the fact that I have a panel that doesn't match, of course. But if they are shoveling me a pile of BS I'll be even more dissappointed/pissed off when I work my way up the executive ladder with my complaint.


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Re: 05 999R Bodywork question (JSR29)


Ever so slightly off topic, but my 2002 998R has red paint on the inside of all the panels...more like overspray...but it coats the entire interior of each panel.
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