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I have purchased a carbon fiber fender and shark fin (sprocket chain guard) from OPP as well as other products. I have received good service from them and would do business in the future. All that being stated I will say I was not impressed with the carbon fiber. For background I have purchased and handled Yoshimura and other top line Japanese carbon fiber, Ducati factory (MS Productions the older generation) CF, as well as Febur, Sebimoto/Yoyodyne carbon kevlar, Ilmberger from Germany, and custom made carbon fiber. The OPP stuff is what I have heard referred to as fiberglass carbon fiber. It is thicker, heavier, and less flexible than most of what I have seen. The exceptions are the air intake tubes I have from them.
The best finished and most show worthy I have seen is the Japanese carbon fiber. Ducati Performance street stuff has had a nice finish to it as well. The rest, Sebimoto, Febur, MS Productions, and others were race bodywork and marketed as such so cosmetics were secondary to weight. The most flexible and crash worthy was probably the Sebimoto carbon kevlar from Yoyodyne.

If you are looking to avoid the seam lines and get a perfect finish the body work is going to be very expensive. You might even have to have it refinished by a real good painter with numerous layers of clear. Look into the Japanese made dry lay up carbon fiber from Magical Racing or along those lines for "perfect" carbon fiber body work.
Hope this helped.
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