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Hello all.. i am upgrading to a superbike and would like to see if there is any interest in this bike before i trade it in.

it's a 2003 Monster 800 dark (black)
****5,800miles ****** i read the milage off the another bike for some reason???
(The service has not been done as i'm trading it in soon anyway)
Corbin seat
Sil Motorsports Tittanium High Mount pipes (108 decibles)
Power commander usb
K+N filter

I am located around ALBANY NY

I am asking 6,200 as she sits
if your interested shoot me some offers.

thanks for your time!
I can be reached by email at Wildkarrad @ Aol.com
and that's probably the best way to get in contact w/ me
thanks again.

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looking to sell this before the end of the month.. please let me know if your interested
i'm open to offers

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new development.... I really don't like the dealer or salespeople. soo i decided to hold on to the bike and sell myself.

WIth that in mind i'm taking a cross country trip the end of may and would be willing to meet you somewhere along my route to drop off the bike.

ohhh and check the edited post
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