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02 900 Sport

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ZG dark smoke Double Bubble. Evoluzione rear fender eliminator (still have the stocker). Evoluzione side stand switch (will idle in neutral on side stand). 3500 miles (approx.). Always garaged. Scratches on upper fairing nothing major). Recent oil change with Mobil 1 15-50 red cap.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio.


PS - I would take pics of the fairing, but the scratches are hard to see. The last set of pics I took I used a 500 watt shop light and that made them look much worse than they are.

PSS - You can tell from the chicken strips it hasn't been ridden too hard.

PSSS - The story on the fairing scratches is that the bike fell over in the grass (tall grass) and landed on the left side. If you look hard enough, they can be seen. I have a hard time getting them to show up in pictures.

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hey -

I'm interested - can you provide pics of the

if you prefer to talk on IM - I'm game for that too: tamubandit04

or email - [email protected]
Re: (01Sport)


See first posting


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Re: 02 900 Sport (ryanr256)

Well, it has started. Below is an email I received today:

Dear Bob Ryan ,
Thanks for the mail,I am okay with the (2002 Ducati ) and to make the transaction fast and easy there is this a client of mine that reside in U.S and he his owing me some huge amount of money and has agreed to pay me everythings he owes me after being discuss with him that I will like to purchase your 2002 Ducati .So a total check of ($11500) will be send to you because that is the total amount he owes me and after you might have gotten the check you will with faithful deduct your own part which is
($6500) I don't know if I can trust you by helping me to send my balance through western union money transfer to the information which I am going to give to you it is the part of the money which I am going to pay my shipper who will be coming for the shippment of the (2002 Ducati ) and my shipper is on ground here they will get paid in there local office here and the name of the shipping company is INTERNATIONAL PACIFIC LINE and you can contact me to contact them because I have informed!
them of
this transaction of purchasing your (2002 Ducati ) so let me know if you are okay with my method of payment and if you will be sending down my balance after you might have deduct your own part,if you are ready let me have your full details so I can forward it to my client and he can quickly address the check.
Await your quick response.

They never give up do they?

- Bob
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Re: 02 900 Sport (ryanr256)

Why not you want this one time offer, prolly comes with a set of kitchen knives too

Geez, they will try anything won't they.

Tell them to send the full cheque and once it is cleared you can do business.
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Re: 02 900 Sport (Monstaman)

I was thinking of creating a message to my self offering a check for $15,000 and I get to keep $8,000 for the bike and my troubles. Then I would forward it to this person to see if they will up their offer. Should be fun.

Oh, the message came as a result of my posting on craigslist.org.

Re: 02 900 Sport (ryanr256)


changed things a bit.

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