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01 Duc 748 BiPosto- Low Miles, two suites, two helmets $7000 OBO

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01 Duc 748 BiPosto- Low Miles, two suites, two helmets $7000 OBO- PICTURES LINKED

I lost my job and have to unload my toys to stay solvent.

Anyway, this 748 is red, has seen very little riding time over the last 4 years, usually a few months out of the year I take it out, but it has never been my primary vehicle.

I have the rear Ducati stand, two helmets, one black vented riding suite and one Kevlar/Nylon riding suite as well as a Ducati windbreaker jacket. Oh, not to forget the tank packs, cover, touch up paint, gloves and chatterbox with passenger accessory.

Raleigh, NC location.... http://www.pocketpcguy.com/

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Re: 01 Duc 748 BiPosto- Low Miles, two suites, two helmets $7000 OBO (NC_VX)

When I first got my 620 S (about 9 months ago), I came out one day to see a business card on my 620 that said "I have a 748 lets ride sometime". It was from Raven (NC_VX) and although we didn't get to go riding before winter, we talked a few times. Cool guy...so this is a legit seller, FYI. Now post some pics Raven!
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howabout some pics to [email protected]
Re: (Spoolin440)

possibly trade for a custom 99 cbr1100xx?
this guy was looking for a bike for his son...give him a call
You will see Pictures today!

I was out this weekend in the beautiful spring weather practically crying because I am going to have to part with this wonderful bike. I checked the mileage and its under 6500. The bikes got a few scratches from not getting the boot over and from the garage, but is in very good shape. It was garage kept the last 3 years (one year in a parking garage in downtown Charlotte, but garaged nonetheless) but since August its been either in our storage shed in the back of our property or covered in the driveway as I haven't had a garage since I bought this house.

I can be reached at [email protected] for more details or pics. SORRY, no trades as I've got to unload to pay bills and decrease debt to income ratio!!!

TO SEE PICTURES OF THIS BEAUTY, PLEASE GO TO: http://www.pocketpcguy.com/

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I've emailed out pics to those who asked. The bike is mostely stock. The only exception is of the side markers being relocated into the cowling and the tags being placed visiably under the pipes.
I've gotten a few bites this weekend. I am asking "Or Best Offer" as I need to unload. Come see what I have to offer!
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