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  1. First wet race

    6-hour endurance race at Most, Czech Republic. Qualified 19th out of 58 teams (in dry), got as high as 9th in the first 20 laps (wet), finished 18th overall, and 8th in class (out of 25).
  2. Hungaroring, June 2008

    Round 2 of the Czech Endurance Cup. 52 degrees of lean angle - gotta love those BT002's! Because I'm not very supple (ie I'm old), this is about how far over I have to lean the bike to get a knee down.
  3. Turn 14, Hungaroring

    Czech Endurance Cup 2008 Round 2, Hungaroring. Qualified 10th out of 58, finished 14th overall
  4. BD's 996S

  5. Brno, 17th Sept 2007

    On the brakes into Turn 3
  6. Brno, 17th Sept 2007

    Found out after the race that the front engine mount bolt had broken (second time this season). Our 4-man team (996S, 999R, 748, MVf4) finished 18th out of 62 overall
  7. 996

    Post rebuild
1-7 of 7 Results