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RayLee 08-01-2012 12:37 AM

SV1000N or S Radiator Size
Hey, I'm currently in the middle of a project and I was hoping to use an SV1000 radiator. There was a guy at a recent track day with an SV1000N which had the exact size radiator I need, but they are few and far between whereas the SV1000S radiator can be found everywhere.

Anybody here know whether the difference in size is the height, the width or the depth or if they are actually the same but the differences just come down to the mounting brackets? The width (by width I mean from left side to the right side as the radiator is mounted on the bike) doesn't really concern me, but I'm more interested in how tall and deep it is (by tall I mean from the top of the core to the bottom as it is mounted on the bike and by depth I mean how fat the radiator is).

Sorry for the long winded clarifications of what I mean by length(tall), width and depth. I've been asking around to random radiator vendors and it seems everyone has a different definition for the dimensions when it comes to radiators.

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