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Connader 12-04-2013 12:52 PM

Back to the roots: Ducati 2000 748R - RACER
So, here's my story: After exactly 12 years of riding and racing Ducati's (skipped over to only do trackdays and racing from 2006 on) I became sick of everything last year in summer!! I started in 2000 with a 748Bip, went over 2 916's, a 748R, a 996Bip, a 998S to a 1198S finally. The last one was the, let's say "most impressive", but the 998S was definitely the best of them (the last Evolution of engines in that bike and the known and loved chassis). The 1198S had an impressive engine, though tough to ride, but the chassis was less "front-oriented" as you could have it with the old chassis, while using the "hot-setup" (steep rake and 27mm offset). Anyway: I ended up being fastest on the 1198S, but not much faster than with the 998S, but it was a LOT more demanding ride. As I became older and not that commited to murder myself on the racetrack, I decided to make life easier: Do more Supermoto-racing and get yourself a bike which is easier to ride, maybe slower, but get "your heart back" on it. (at that point I regret selling the 998S). :(
So I humbled around last winter, thought about Aprilias RSV2, Triumph Daytona's, but in the end an offer came up and I just took the chance: I bought an 2000 748R!! :)
Somehow the "R's" really had something that made every Ducati-Fan nervous: all' the Goodies you never see on an ordinary-Bike, all the little "RS-bling". ;)
The 748R with it's reevy nature being something different, but special again.

An 996R or 998R would have been to close to my 998S (mine was one of the first 998S with sandcasted engine casings), also it might have blown my budget!!

With a 748R I had some experiences back in 2004, when I build up a Racer with a ported 2002 748R engine. Wasn't the most powerful engine, but sure impressive by it's nature of lightweight feel and reevy temper.

This bike was street ridden, very clean and had a history. A bill of 2 grands (Euro's) just recently made inspections and repairs (a few rockers, the ECU and the belts came new as I remember) made the deal perfect!!

So here's what I got: 2000 748R, very good condition, full Arrows 50' System, Öhlins rear (not stock on 2000's!), a set of Performance race-rearsets, some carbon here and there. Something red appears to bling through the open clutch: maybe just an anodized pressure plate, but may also be a slipper-clutch!?! (not checked yet) ;) All other: stock 748R. I already sold the stock fairing, lights and mirrors and got me a used race fairing. Looks good but needs some painting.

The plan now is making a racer out of it. I didn't wanted the hotter 01 or 02 model, because I already have a very good front end here: It's a set of White Power Roma Forks, which was a very good and expensive unit back in it's times (from around ~2000). I already tested it in my 998S and 1198S and found it being a lot better than my hotted up Showa or even the FG511 of the 1198S. Even with Mupo-Cartridges. Never had such a good front-end-feel on a Motorbike!!
I changed the fork-bottoms and mounted radial bottoms of a FG511, so I can use radial-calipers.
And yeah: a set of Monobloc's are also already here!! ;-)
The 27mm offset triples from my 998S can be used, as the WP-Forks have the same diameter as an FG43.

To match the whole frontend, I'm planning on using a 999 frontwheel, as this setup perfectly fits to the Öhlins-bottoms and monoblocs with stock 1098 axle!! Later I plan on changing this against something lighter (1098S-wheel?).
In the back I plan on mounting a 848 wheel, as those are almost 2Kg lighter than the oldstyle 5-spoke rims, although thy are still casted ones!!

That should be all at first.

I'm curious how riding will be after having a 160+ HP Bike, going back to ~102!?! Still this will be "realworld" ;)
If it will not make fun at all, than I will think about an 853R Upgrade. Maybe also switching to a "modern engine" (848/1098), but this is just if I can't come along with such few Ponies at all!!

So, the project will start this winter. I actually have the bike now since almost 1 year, but somehow I still was not motivated for racing, also Supermoto caught me a lot!! I'll put in some pics as I progress in here.

Feel free to give me comments or hints for using this old stallion, I appreciate it!!



PS: Here are some Pics in the state I purchased it last Winter. Plastics are already sold:


paniro187 12-04-2013 01:39 PM

Always was one of my favorite bikes. I will love to see this build.

paniro187 12-04-2013 01:40 PM

Thinking of getting onecmyself. Love the small bore twins

Connader 12-05-2013 07:58 AM

Yeah me too. After the biggest Bore you could get (ok: the Pani may have some more) I'm convinced that the small, "smart" engine's of Ducati are the best. Maybe the 848 is really the best Bore/Stroke-Level ever made!?!

I have to move into my new Garage first, but in 2-3 weeks I start to build!!

rjjablo 12-06-2013 12:15 AM

Do it right
1098 motor. I would not anything less you will be disappointed and the maintenance as you well know it will eat into your enjoyment.

paniro187 01-24-2014 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by rjjablo (Post 880578)
1098 motor. I would not anything less you will be disappointed and the maintenance as you well know it will eat into your enjoyment.

Maintenance or not I would rather have the 748motor. No motor swaps that takes the fun out of it I'm another way for me

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