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DougS. 06-12-2012 08:39 PM

749 race bike
here we go since the season has already started. bought this 05 749 dark in the fall with plans to race it this season. got it home and took it around the block all of 1 mile before putting it away to go on a weight loss program. idea was to only put used or hand down parts from my 848 and spend as little money as possible. heres my list of parts but did have to buy a couple new including PC3, 2 vortex rear sprockets, ballistic battery, sato throttle. used and hand down parts: 848 body, pazzo levers, DP air filters, PC quick shifter, home made 2-1 exhaust and thats all. first real ride was a friday afternoon race practice. got in about 50 miles before the first race saturday.

TLRSKUNK 06-13-2012 04:06 PM

How does the 749 compare to the 848? and why did you go backwards?

Both bikes are looking pretty good.

DougS. 06-13-2012 07:53 PM

ill get some more detailed pictures after this weekends races. wanted to do some lightweight races. year end goals are on the podium lightweight, middleweight and open F40 classes. also thunderbike and supertwins. the 749 is pretty gutless and heavier but with less power its also easier to ride. every time i ride the 749 i come in with a big smile. not as much worry getting on the gas early and hard compared to the bigger bike. brakes are fantastic on both, 848 changes direction better and finishes corners due to much better suspension setup and 30mm triple clamp. that said the 749 isnt bad but completely stock suspension set to factory settings. should mention first weekend ran 2 expert races and finished and real close 2nd and run away 1st. second race weekend at summit point had a 2,3,5th with it. lap time comparison: njmp t-bolt 848 1:30.5, 749 1:32.5, will be in 1:29 with 848 next round. summit point 848 1:19's 749 1:21.009. on the ASRA scales post race 749 weighs 400 and 848 is 380lbs

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