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LKHanberg 07-01-2014 12:36 PM

Temp. doesnt work on SP1
So Im having problems with the temp on my SP1. It doesnt show correctly, noticed it would jump around like 5-6c at a time, and steady around 80 while riding.

Tried letting it idle, and it would still jump around, not climbing steady in temp.
Ive had the front of the wireharness completely apart to check it, Ive checked the thermostat in boiling water, and Ive put in a new temp sensor (which I also checked by putting it in hot water while hooked onto harness - it would show correctly.

Now Ive just tried again, at idle the temp will rise slowly sometimes skipping back 1-2c, and then steady around 80c (about 20c outside), but after a while the fan comes on, so it must not measure correctly.

Any ideas?

RVTMAVERICK 07-01-2014 02:04 PM

Hey LKHanberg,

I was riding My VF1000R once when this happened, although My temps. where jumping around alot more then that....

When I started looking for what was going on, I found that when I was doing some work on her earlier in the week...
I missed reinstalling 1 little Ground Wire under the seat...
Removed the bolt and reinstalled correctly this time with the ground wire in place and like Magic, it was Fixed....

Maybe you're just missing a ground wire install or maybe either Not tight enough or Clean enough?

Good luck and lets us know what You find.

Peace Jeff

LKHanberg 07-01-2014 02:59 PM

Ive had that groundwire loose before, screwed up to throttle big time. Have already checked it, but will try and remove and clean again.

When I first noticed the problem is was while riding, and it would jump from 80-65-68-78-65-83, instant chances, so must be some kind of fault in the electrics.

Could the gauge be at fault?

RVTMAVERICK 07-01-2014 05:00 PM

Yeah, Mine was doing the samething, instant changes and my numbers were even greater since my readings are in Fahrenheit...

And trying to make it clear, this ground wire to Me, it was just a random ground wire, I don't know what all or everything it effected, but my temp gage was going crazy until I reconnected it to the Frame, I'm Not talking about the battery ground..;)

LKHanberg 07-02-2014 09:07 AM

Ill give it another go today, think I will try and bypass the PC too, and as much possible that it still runs and gives me a temp-reading

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