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K-dogg 07-14-2010 04:39 AM

US Highland executives die in plane crash

US Highland executives die in plane crash
Company founder, COO and CFO killed in Tulsa crash
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Jul. 12, 2010
A plane crash near Tulsa, Okla., claimed the lives of three executives of motorcycle manufacturer US Highland.

US Highland President and founder Mats Malmberg, 41, Chief Operating Officer Chase Bales, 51, and Chief Financial Officer Damian Riddoch, 37, were returning to Tulsa July 10 after a business trip in Detroit. The three were en route to Jones Riverside Airport in Tulsa on a fixed-wing multi-engine Cessna.

At around 10 p.m., Bales, the pilot and owner of the plane, requested an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport, reporting the aircraft was low on fuel. The plane crashed shortly after in a wooded area in Mohawk Park, 2,000 yards northeast of Tulsa International Airport. According to local authorities, Malmberg survived the crash but died shortly after being rushed to hospital.

A former motocross racer, Malmberg founded Highland Motorcycles AB in Sweden in 1997. After an agreement with sell the company to ATK fell through, Malmberg teamed up with Bales, a fellow motocross racer and venture capitalist, and relocated the company to Oklahoma, renaming it US Highland.

Malmberg is survived by his wife and three children, Bales is survived by his wife and two children, and Riddoch is survived by his wife and four children.

US Highland

US Highland executives die in plane crash

Executives At Specialist Motorcycle Maker Die In Plane Crash - Driver's Seat - WSJ

nomo 07-14-2010 06:03 PM

Jeez , I was just reading about their crazy bikes and future plans ! Terrible news .

mikstr 07-14-2010 07:28 PM

Bummer indeed. Apart from the obvious personal losses, the company seemed to be on the brink of bringing some really neat bikes to market. Hopefully the company will not die with them......

bensexcessbikes 07-14-2010 07:40 PM

Heard about it... too bad. Thoughts, prayers and peace be with their families and friends.

sqd8r 07-14-2010 11:13 PM

We've been following Highland over at Advrider for many years now and they are really an innovative group; certainly on many people's dream bike lists over there. Those lost in the accident were the face of Highland.

Hopefully the dream of those lost in this tragic accident continue on in their memory as their legacy in the offroad motorcycling world was only just beginning.


brvt1000 07-21-2010 02:51 AM

I have a close friend who knew Mats and Damian quite well. We were actually in talks with Damian about taking on some of the sales regions of Highland.

People already with Highland have been appointed to try and move forward with the brand. I keep you guys posted if I hear anymore about it.

RockyMt 07-23-2010 02:57 PM

Yeah, the only real problem for 'em was they DIDN'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO HYLAND (or to even sell 'em) This has been an ongoing scam for 2 years now, with them basically building up a "pump 'n dump" corp. and scam investors outta some cash. The true rights to Highland belong to a Chineese group, and NO ONE ELSE. Dale Lineaweaver (my lifelong friend & tuner) owns 2 of the only "true" highlands in the US. and has been deeply involved in this corparate cluster fook for a couple of years. His first words upon hearing of their death was, "looks like some of their investors finally caught up with 'em".

Semper Fi! :rockon


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