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  1. Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’
  2. The True Cost of Health Care in America
  3. NewMexico Gov Signs Anti Forfiture Bill (Good News) 11th hour
  4. Police commissioner investigating Charlie Hebdo attack commits suicide while writing report
  5. The crash of Air Asia jet was predicted
  6. Dlb Whopper lives up north now
  7. Florida Couple Fined $746 For Crime Of Feeding Homeless People
  8. Revolutin in Ukraine
  9. Ex-DEA agent jumps jobs to join marijuana investment firm
  10. Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up, demands Obama act
  11. Funny Craigslist ad nails it on the head
  12. How Alan Greenspan Destroyed America
  13. FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore
  14. NYPD Internal Affairs Cop Reportedly Among Bikers Involved in SUV Attack
  15. Kenya Mall Attackers' Bodies Still Not Found
  16. War is their purpose. Chemical weapon is just an excuse.
  17. Thanks USA
  18. Heres one I prepared earlier.
  19. George Zimmerman’s heroic car crash rescue appears to be a fraud
  20. Happy Canada Day!
  21. Snowden a hero, or traitor ?
  22. Sad state of America
  23. Harry
  24. Gun Crime Continues to Climb
  25. Pit Bull Attacks
  26. gp commander ?
  27. ( Pic ) a new toy
  28. Amputee actor in Boston bombing
  29. Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House
  30. Happy 4-20, Everyone Who Believes in Liberty
  31. katsung47
  32. Fiscal Conservatism
  33. Guns in Schools
  34. Regressive State Taxes
  35. let's talk gun control
  36. Bring Your Guns & get 15% OFF on Your Pizza!
  37. I love guns!
  38. Vietnam: Kill Anything That Moves
  39. Newtown school shooting, continuation of Colorado theatre shooting?
  40. RIP more innocent victims
  41. Senate intern, a sex offender, faces deportation
  42. Let's vote
  43. Turd's picture captured
  44. ACLU War on Christianity
  45. North Korea's top leader named The Onion's Sexiest Man Alive for 2012
  46. Denny's, etc.
  47. Denny's, etc.
  48. Ten Numbers The Rich Would Like Fudged
  49. John McCain
  50. Hostess With The Mostest, Not.
  51. The Power of the Internet - Beware.
  52. Lay off starts after Obama re-elected
  53. The 47% - Where Are They?
  54. The Petraeus Affair
  55. Presidential Terms
  56. A film for paranoid right-wingers
  57. Porn and HIV
  58. With 60,000 dead, Mexicans wonder why drug war doesn't rate in presidential debate
  59. Heist
  60. Jumping from Space
  61. Turkey vs Syria
  62. Iran, etc.
  63. Our "Undecided" Voters
  64. Open request to guards at Guantanamo
  65. Panicking Romney Attempts to Lay Off Debate Moderator
  66. Moneyball +
  67. Exposing Romney's Lie About Obama Doubling the Number on Food Stamps
  68. How has President Obama helped your region?
  69. A Warning About Privatization
  70. Chaos on Bullshit Mountain
  71. Exposing Romney's Lie About Obama Ending Work for Welfare
  72. Must-Read Book
  73. GOONS GOONS GOONS. (wtf)
  74. tiger zoo tragedy NY
  75. Voters say they’re worse off after four years of Obama, so why is Romney struggling?
  76. The "War On Women" (?)
  77. We've heard it before
  78. What You Get When You Vote Republican:
  79. Where were you when 911 hit the fan
  80. Could the fire burn down WTC?
  81. DNC- Jerusalem - God
  82. The Environment - things the average person never hears about
  83. The Racist's Guide to Obama
  84. Turd: Don't bother watching the DNC convention
  85. California
  86. Turd fergie the early years
  87. MORE Bailout Profit!
  88. Assisted Suicide
  89. Has God Forsaken the Republican Party?
  90. I cannot decide if this is sad or hilarious
  91. Government Debt
  92. Immigrants and Welfare
  93. Offshoring. Learn About It. It's Bigger Than You Think It Is.
  94. How Some People Get Rich
  95. “They're going to put y'all back in chains"
  96. Ryan Steps In It Already
  97. Exposing the Republican Lie About Obama Being Bad For Business
  98. Pentagon admits it has no photo evidence of Bin Laden's death Special
  99. Colorado Massacre Linked To Historic Bank Fraud - Killer Does Not Appear To Be James Holmes
  100. Exposing the Republican Lie About Barry Soetoro
  101. Banks Will Screw You Every Chance They Get
  102. Mars Image - WOW!
  103. Exposing Romney's Lie About "You Didn't Build That"
  104. ANOTHER Republican Lie About Voter Fraud Exposed
  105. Elitist Tax Policy Exposed
  106. Pastor arrested for holding home Bible study
  107. (( PIX )) - new stuff on my ferrari
  108. 'fantastic' Obama
  109. Obamneycare
  110. Amerika
  111. 12 year old charged with 2 yr olds murder
  112. USFS policy on trees
  113. Thank God the pervert got 45/48 guilty - ROT IN JAIL.
  114. One Thug Less: Rodney King DEAD
  115. Documentary: Comedy Warriors
  116. Major bitchslap in wisconson!
  117. California Police Beat Man to Death
  118. Exposing The Biggest Republican Lie About Obama
  119. We are all Responsible for the Choices we Make
  120. Saw a VW R32 get owned by a TSX.
  121. Who are these stupid women?
  122. Goods made with slave labor around the world
  123. Be careful where you buy your supplements...
  124. Racing (four legs)
  125. Happy earthday !
  126. Wind Turbines Kill Birds
  127. "Socialist" Presidents
  128. The Mainstream Media
  129. Santorum pulls out early....
  130. Prom Night In Mississippi
  131. Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think
  132. Animals in Baltimore attack and strip tourist as onlookers laugh!
  133. What a lovely woman!
  134. Man kills and eats wife....
  135. America: Undereducated, Conservative, Christian
  136. Judicial Activism
  137. How to blow a bunch of tax free money
  138. State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman
  139. The Price of Gasoline
  140. Saving Health Care
  141. Look What I Found - Shrub
  142. Syria
  143. They're coming after Turd's vaporizer
  144. Someone tell me we weren't duped
  145. Slainte!
  146. Chump change
  147. Obama Administration Steers Lucrative No-Bid Contract for Afghan Work to Dem Donor
  148. We're going to drill!
  149. Obama firsts!
  150. Advice for some of you
  151. What time is it?
  152. Thousands Standing Around???
  153. Speaking Truth to Power
  154. Poor "23 yr old "student" is in fact...
  155. Andrew Breitbart Dead........
  156. Marathon... So, you want to go to war...
  157. Have an Apple
  158. GodOnlyParty - one sick puppy.
  159. Obummer's FY 2013 Budget
  160. 180
  161. Obama, Birth Control and Catholics
  162. I r a n ♂♀
  163. American Deam Debate - 1965 Debate
  164. Must Really Suck To Be A Somali Pirate....
  165. Rand Paul detained by TSA in Nashville
  166. Uh, I think The Lounge is a front.......
  167. Health Insurance
  168. GM: Another Obama Miracle
  169. Buddy Roemer
  170. Another Reagan Budget Buster
  171. Taxation
  172. Romney
  173. Why we don't hear others in the universe:
  174. What's the message from the Arab Spring?
  175. U.S. Now a Net Fuel Exporter
  176. Military Intelligence under Obama
  177. Merry Christmas
  178. Crack Cocaine...No, Really! Crack Cocaine!
  179. Obama places himself as one of the top 4 US Presidents
  180. Iraqnam 2
  181. Irqnam 2
  182. "So you don't believe in a creator?"
  183. Petition to IMPEACH ALL Senators who Voted for "U.S. is a Battlefield" and to detain U.S. Citiz
  184. Ron Paul for President!
  185. Living in the blown up world trade center.
  186. "Occupy" will die.......
  187. Muslim Brotherhood hold positions in the Obama Administration??
  188. Jews give Ron Paul the Finger
  189. What do democrats really stand for today?
  190. Gun Company Compares Obama to Hitler, Stalin
  191. Democrats officially abandon white middle class voters in the 2012 election
  192. Buffet's Fix
  193. Bye, Bye Barney
  194. Proposed Bill: US Military power to imprison indefinitely w/o charge?
  195. OMFG - Romney takes lying to a new level
  196. For you socialist out there
  197. How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich
  198. China/Solyndra
  199. Corruption in Congress
  200. Bush Buried Soldiers in the Dump
  201. The Best Movie Ever
  202. Lauren Vickers on her RVF...
  203. Follow The Money
  204. Rubber bullets - Oakland OWS
  205. B of A and Merrill Lynch
  206. Operation Wide Receiver
  207. Republic Lost
  208. Will this be our Iraqi legacy?
  209. Oh oh! Global warming 2.0
  210. Prisoner swap with Israel emboldens Hamas
  211. US Deportation ....
  212. Seems like history is releating the same mistakes
  213. Are They Fookin' Crazy?
  214. A Dangerous Precident.....
  215. Fed vs State Pot Showdown
  216. Obama has a Farrakhan moment at CBC
  217. Obama's Buffett rule sales pitch has a problem
  218. Israel & the upcoming nuclear war.
  219. Why wait for 2012?
  220. Michelle Obama asks..."All this for a Flag?"
  221. Incompetence has a new friend...desperation
  222. Obama administration and corporations
  223. What's Up in Florida?
  224. The sheer vapid emptiness of Obama's campaign speech to Congress
  225. The Anti-Tax Party is About to Raise Your Taxes
  226. The basic problem, put in simple terms
  227. Planned Event
  228. Commodity Speculation
  229. CA Councilman killed after finding pot plants
  230. Obama has 70% approval by Muslims...
  231. WI town bars Republicans from parade...
  232. More Obama lowlives hiding in the US
  233. Calling the President what he is....
  234. Freaking Obama and his vacations
  235. So what are they complaining about?
  236. Gaggy is calling the mounties!
  237. Why welfare needs to be completely overhauled!
  238. Rick Perry
  239. Secret Treasury Loans
  240. Another Abortion Thread
  241. Why is the Media Ignoring Ron Paul?
  242. great article exmaining the house of cards that is the Obama presidency
  243. So said free speech and election
  244. S&P Downgrade ties to Romney
  245. the US debt situation
  246. Obamacare individual mandate ruled unconstitutional
  247. Now THIS is how to deal with pirates!
  248. Get ready for this gem!!!
  249. True liberal Idealogy!
  250. More Bullshit!