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Originally Posted by TLRSKUNK View Post
ok makes sense.
What grit did you use on the rotors?
The block came with the pads so I'm not sure. If I had to guess I'd say it is around 220ish

Originally Posted by RVTMAVERICK View Post
Looks Awesome, thanks for the close ups too....

So how is this stuff compared to say Powder Coating, is it as tuff?

Does the Plastic Dip chip like Powder coating/paint?

Cleanning the chain lube off, how's that go?

Last question,>>> ? $...?

Thanks James

Its not a tough as powder coat. It is designed to cover like paint but peel off when you're tired of it. It's like rubberized coating.

No issue with the chain lube because I don't over use it. I don't know if brake clean will cut through it or not. Its a soft coating so I think solvents would aid in it removal. It did fine with simple green.

It was cheap. I think something like $7 a can. I used less then one can. The expensive part was the tape.

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