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So here I am. Busted up ankle and the beginning of the season in jeopardy depending on what the Dr says between today and tomorrow. I figure theres something I can do. When I ordered my brake pads they sent along a sanding block to scuff up the rotors. Its not something Ive done in the past and didnt consider it until they sent the block with the pads. So today I go at it.

With the help of Brady this time

Its a bit unsettling when you realize what really stops these bikes. Most people think its the giant rotor but that is just a heat sink. its the six little 6mm bolts with a dab of loctite that are the stopping power.

Picked up my secret weapon yesterday

Its amazing well probably not but how difficult it is to launch a bike at my staggering height of 5'6. Its only made more difficult in motocross style boots since they restrict freedom of movement a lot more then standard road race boots. Currently I have to find the lowest point on the seat just to get a toe to scrape the ground. Im sure its pretty pathetic looking, even mroe so that a lot of the guys I race against can flatfoot at the grid.

New lower seat Its about 1/2 inch lower then the stock seat. Hopefully it makes launching the bike a bit easier

Comparison of both.

My next options if this doesnt do the trick is to ride on the seat pan or as suggested by my friend take the seat off and wrap a blanket around the subframe

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