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Today was one of my least favorite things to work on.


The caliper didnt need a rebuild but I wanted to change over the fluid.

Sounds easy enough but look closely at the caliper

There is no bleeder. I cant do a banjo bleeder either because of clearance issues.

So the hose comes off.

Time to push the pucks back in to get as much fluid out as you can.

Cycle it through a few times and then let any left over drain out

Time to clean up the caliper

No photo but you can also blow all the remaining fluid out of the master and brake line.

Now for the bitch of the system. Refilling the caliper.

With the brake pads installed blow air into the caliper to extend the pucks.

I dont have a vacuum bleeder or any other fancy brake tools so this takes a bit of time a patients. I do have an idea for next time that should make it easier

Now with the caliper full or close to full of new fluid reattach the brake hose and master.

Push the pucks in to force the fluid back up through the line and into the master cylinder.

If all has gone right then all that should be needed is a final bleed when the system is back on the bike. For me this will happen some time in March.

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