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530 is the size of the chain, 530 is what Honda used from the factory. A 520 chain is slightly smaller in size, and eliminates weight, a common mod, especially on track/race bikes. Anytime you eliminate weight, especially on an item that rotates, is a good thing. -1, +2 is a common gear change. You change the front sprocket, which is 16 tooth, to a 15, and the rear stock is 40 tooth, which many change to a 42, some to a 41. It really brings the bike to life, especially in the lower gears. It does make the motor turn more rpms, so your mileage may drop. If you do a gear change, you should change any sprocket, or both, and the chain at the same time, unless there isn't many miles on them. LDH on here, has a good deal on the whole kit for both sprockets and the chain. He only sells quality stuff. I think your first mod should be a Powercommander (or PC) it will help your bike breath better, it really does make a noticeable improvement.

I did not install any frame sliders, I just wanted to keep the bodywork clean, most people do install them though. You might want to keep your bike stock, it's plenty quick enough, has about 120ish HP.

Still looking for a pic!
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