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Originally Posted by robsp2 View Post
Hi, I'm Rob. I have a 2003 RC. Lots of mods and I'm in Georgia.
Welcome Rob! Man you have a ton of $$$ into your RC! I'm glad you joined and if you don't mind, I'd like to ask you about the Dobeck TFI that you're running. What performance improvements have you noticed? Did the low MPH surging disappear? It doesn't seem like my RC likes to roll under 4K RPM, or below 30MPH for that matter, it's bad when I'm on my base trying to leave or get to work in low speed areas! I had the Dobeck TFI on my Sportster Iron and it took out the low speed surging, improved throttle response, but also caused more fuel consumption. I'd be willing to get another Dobeck TFI for my RC if it works as good! Again Welcome!

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