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Nicole Brannock Gross, Victim In Boston Marathon Bombing Photo, Gives CBS Interview With Family
: 05/30/2013

The photograph of Gross, seen around the world, became an instant symbol of the attack. After suffering two breaks in her left leg and an injury to her Achilles tendon, the Boston Globe reported that Gross has been re-learning how to walk.

There are doctorís appointments and physical therapy sessions for Nicole, who suffered two broken bones in her left leg, a nearly severed Achilles tendon in her right



Nicole Grossí original location, she is on dark red bricks.

Second location she moved to Ė two bricks away from blood stain.

Third location - Now she is on blood stain once her left foot was on. This photo has been described as "iconic" by some in the media, it graced the front pages of many papers the day following the bombing. Her name is Nicole Gross and she is reported to have two broken legs, or a broken leg and a broken ankle, depending on the source, yet she is sitting upright in a position that puts strain on the legs and shows no sign of pain nor does she grab at her injured legs. I have highlighted one square to demonstrate that she can even shift about with two broken legs and maintain the same stressful sitting position.
Although the pictures hint she hadn't moved because she showed with same sitting style, she actually moved at least twice, with two broken bones? There were many pictures and videos. None shows how she moves. What they show you were screened ones they thought with no flaw.
Source: http://anywho.simplesite.com/201858947
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