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here is a good one for canadians

Illegal to wear a mask in public if in a group of 3 or more....

Mask ban: Canada's veiled protesters face 10 years' jail ? RT News

well I for one would happily disrupt the peace in protest(peaceful ofcourse) if in disagreement with something and wanted to show support. Given my position within my community and my opinion being potentially politically divisive, this could have a negative implication for my livelihood.

Covering my face but being present in body would show my support for a cause but still keep me "politically-closeted" and allow me to continue providing my services in my community without the risk of potential judgement or prejudice.

Wearing a mask doesn't break windows or start car fires. This has the potential to deter peaceful public assembly and dissent as well, a slippery slope. The end doesn't justify the means.

any thoughts?
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