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Originally Posted by 20_RC51_00 View Post
I just got back from the gym and saw a few clips of piers morgan and cooper both discussing whether the nsa leaker should be viewed as a hero or a traitor....

..then they showed a poll of americans asking whether the spying on citizens calls etc is a reasonable means to an end and 56% agreed with whats going on while 41% disagree with such practices...FACK

You got to be kidding me.. there are just too many sheep there for you guys to ever get back to a healthy state... as long as new cell phones keep coming to market every half hour and celebrities and hip hop artists are doing their thing the majority prob dont understand the dire consequences of what is slowly happening or actually dont care....

These wars are wars of ideology, they can not be won. only risks mitigated, and that starts at your own border.
CNN and the sheeple are OK with Obama intruding upon your 4th ammend rights, just not the evil GWB doing it.

Like I said earlier, Amerika is finished...
Actually didn't take O very long to do it either.

'06 999
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