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suzuki T500 joining the cases

I've been working my way thru this bike and I'm to the motor, had the cranks rebuilt with new seals and o-rings, teflon coated shifter forks and a few other gears...anyway I'm putting the thing back together. The Cases fit around the crank too tight and the upper and lower cases are pinching the o-rings and preventing the cases from coming together. I tried putting the crank in the freezer for 30 mins to contract the rubber. didn't work. I need more things to try!.... I was thinking about putting the cases in the oven, at 200 for 20 mins, and the crank in the freezer, but I'm afraid of destroying the o-rings by making them go from cold-to-hot very quickly. Plus it would be a huge trick. I would have to install the crank and apply liquid gasket and smooth it out before the rubber warms up...I really don't know what to try next without destroying the o-rings
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