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Unhappy What & Why I Miss Part of Old Speedzilla...

I don't know what and or how I've missed it, other then being away from the forum acouple times over the years. The last was the longest time away, approx. 10 to 11 months, 2010 into 2011..

I noticed coming back this last time though, the once Great Site Sponsership/Vendor listings with their Contact info. gone!???

Anyone else miss this?

Whenever we logged on, this info. appeared on the right hand side of the Home page>= GREAT!
Now I have to go hunting to "TRY" and find said contact info., with NO luck, which used to be so wonderfully easy to get....

IS the a special Sponsership/Vendor section to find this info. now or am I just missing it?

Thanks Guys/Gals
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