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Originally Posted by rookierc51 View Post
Mine is 2000 RC51 SP-1, I live near Ortega Hwy (RSM). I don't see very many RC51 here in south OC...
Originally Posted by cbrbear View Post
I hear you there, I try to ride the 94/80/79 ride every weekend. Its a nice 140 mile trip with some good lunch in julian!!!
I say we should plan a meet up this weekend or the next.

Pick a neutral spot that would take us down the 76/78 to Palomar and then up to Julian past Banner into Cleavland National Forest and then back around up to the 76.

Let me know what works best for you two. This Sunday morning would be good for me, or the next. Most likely the next sunday as I want to get new rubber on this bike.
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