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advice needed: dual sport through south america

so around june of next year, myself and two friends are going to pick up a dual-sport, ship it to bogota, colombia then ride it all the way down south america and come back the other side. this is the start of my research for my next adventure, so i have quite a few questions. any books, websites, blogs, personal experience or any sort of recommendation will be much appreciated. so here are my questions:

bike: i do not want a sporty dual sport. i'm thinking of a 01'-04' XR650R street legal dirtbike with lights and everything. realiability issues? how well would it work for long trips? any other recomendation on bikes?

accesories: both for the bike, and other bike related accessories that i should bring with me(i.e. skid plate, extra levers, etc.). i'm going to pack very light so i'm looking for purely essentials.

tools: any specific set/brand/kit of tools i should have. i'm very good with my hands so with necessary tools, i can take a dirt bike apart on the side of the road.

riding gear: some places will be hot and others cold. i'm looking into a two piece nylon type suit that can accommodate most weather encountered in SA. what are the best boots, helmet, gloves, and etc. that is best for this sort of a trip.

luggage: what's the lightest/best luggage for this trip. i'm trying to pack real light...two pairs of shorts, 4 shirts, one pair of jeans. one pair of walking shoes, hiking shoes, first aid kit, and essentials.

thank you for any feedback. if i think of more questions, i'll definitely post it. hopefully this is the right forum for this sort of questions.
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