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Stranger checking in

No I'm not totally gone from this place. I've been real busy lately (or is it trying to stay busy since quiting the race scene ). Well I have managed to do that by messing around with my DRZ400 & my old crusty V-Strom, spent a shiny nickel on both in the last few weeks. Both rides have come along way since the last time you guys/gals last saw them. Thought I'd share a bit & wish you all a Happy New Year all in one post, how's that for saving bandwidth.

1st up to bat is my old '02 V-strom 1000. She has received a expensive makeover lately. I added a set of Jesse Bags, Hyper-lite brake lights and a Valentine 1 radar detector. The radar platform was bought from Pat Walsh designs from Tucson, Arizona, nice fellow. The Jesse bags did not turn out as pleasant an adventure as it should have for the $$$$, fitment was poor & we are still working on that as I speak. I have a next day air package due tomorrow that should cure some of my problems. The Jesse bags did narrow the old girls butt, 36", verses 42" wide from the old Givi's. The V1 has been super nice, my gas mileage has dropped off alot since I bought it (I literally fly now with it in place ) My truck mileage is suffering also, smokey was bad around these parts & would tag you for near nothing. Can't wait for a long trip with it on the bike. GPS has been on the beast for a year now so nothing new there. I recently serviced the old dog, 24k on the clock. I had 7 of the 8 valves out of spec. So much for trusting your local Suzuki dealer to actually do a valve adjustment. I payed to have it done at 8k, it was not done right they did not set anything obvious from my own findings. I synced the throttle bodies & it is ready for another 24k, new set of tires ready for the next long ride. Anyway here it is in its new cloths so to speak.

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwAmA88TEJ!Q5iNWWYP7xlxZiqtRouHNU4rxCO*fEEPQPvrKe sqPZBZX3Sc8KRXsP8043otL2l5Zlw0kwL5jNljET6ToE*PBD63 e9agZUMs/PC290004.JPG?dc=4675503689738019978[/img]

Now for the DRZ400 update, things have progressed alot since the last time it was seen here. I've added the 3.9 gal. Clarke tank, Works connection frame guards, Suzuki rear rack with bag (complete flat repair stuff inside w/tubes), Pro-Taper CR hi bend bars, MT21 Pirelli's (they suck but are at least DOT ), jetted it right, GPS mount, real dual sport mirror and a Baja skid plate. 4 of us are headed to Big Bend National park in Texas the 1st week of March 2005 for a whole week. We are pumped about the trip! We may do a N. Ms. trail ride in early Feb. weather permitting. Right now since it is winter we a are riding a local pit area just to stay in shape & test the bikes. So far I love it! I could get into some serious trouble with this thing on the streets so I don't ride it that much plus DOT knobbies wear really fast! Sucks about as bad as buying race tires when I roadraced . Anyway life is good & I have not slowed down, much. We still have the cross country thing planned sometime next year but most likely will trailer to Colorado then do the trail form there to Oregon then back. Enough from me here is the latest pic f the DRZ, not the best but I was to lazy to actually move it off it's perch.

[img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0RwD1AtETE6CQ5iNWWYP7xl3tuBSuWPVFVUgU6bQ9b7QfiNsxe mXRkwlnLbou7rLX9KFlSs3jASGAOwSEYVtO3OjzAlOYNJejsx! PQ*gsiWg/PC290009.JPG?dc=4675503833507809329[/img]

BTW for all you frozen types it was 70 degrees here today I rode the V a little.

See ya,

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