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Originally Posted by 20_RC51_00 View Post
One of the few individuals out there with a voice that actually understands what is going on is Schiff, but nobody seems to "get" him. He had made pretty much every forecast that has come true and everythign that America is faced with. You should see others try and ridicule him and make jokes during interviews, the funny thing is he doesn't take it personal, he takes it like a gentle man because he knows that all these "intellectuals" out there taking jabs at him have it pretty wrong and will be in the poor house... funny at times.
I agree that Schiff has the fundamentals down. He knew our economy was on shaky ground and couldn't sustain itself. However, I think he overestimates the soundness of overseas markets and, as a result, I don't necessarily follow his investment advice. FWIW, for 2009 I am short on treasuries and the dollar and long on gold, energy and commodities.
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