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Puppeteers of the economy

I came across this link that I found pretty intersting. Of course there is some opinion mixed in with the information but I was rather surprised with how relatively fragile the system is that most of the major economic determinants of our( the people) general livelyhood depends on.

Sure you can argue that the driving force behind all of this is the perverse quest for ever increasing returns on our investments etc. but most people don't actually know the intricate workings of the systems when they are investing. Rather we believe that the trusted companies, investment banks and other institutions which do the work behind the scenes do so in a prudent and reasonably risk balanced manner. Unfortunately they don't, they have information that we don't and wouldn't necessairly agree with had we known the possibilities. While there is a place for the mechanisms that were so eagerly used and abused, it seems like a few many had too much riding on it that could effect things that arent theirs...

While the link I attached was about oil and not necessairly the single factor behind of what has gone down but has also gone down with it, I just found it interesting. The way I see it was that a very small minority within the USA were getting too greedy and not covering their tracks, I don't think that this was the result of something the general majority brought on themselves, but ended up bringing the majority down with them...

There really seems like there is an loophole in the economy in that very few meddle in things to their liking with the majority of the gain not trickling down but the disastrous consequences effecting everybody.

Having heard of how this has effected a lot of people it really breaks my heart. Most people majority of people are content with getting up in the morning, going to work, doing an honest days worth and then going back home. Making money for yourself with the realistic notion of one day enjoying the fruits of your labor, but not the intent of immediate wealth... Whether you work for yourself or for others it made no difference. Hopefully everyone will fare with only minor bruises...

This kind of developed into more then what I had intended.... I just wanted to post the link that I found interesting. Having a bit of economics/businss as a background this has always facinated me Hopefully some find it interesting.

What Caused the Big Slide in Oil Prices - TIME

so if you are intent of just flaming for no reason or calling this gay or lame save your energy.
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