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Originally Posted by 2theMax View Post
RCPHIL I did what you did and it didn't work

JES VFR, so the top triple will come off witht the steering locked? And I was quoted 250 for a lock set from honda...Have you worked on a RC's ignition? What are the two bolts that hold it in? Are they some special tool?
Sorry to hear it didn't work for you. Did they use the code on the lock to cut the key or did they use the lock itself? The locksmith I had do it used the code from the lock and it worked perfectly, of course as someone else stated, if someone changed the lock then it wouldn't work, on the other hand, if your ignition key opened the rear section, then chances are they never changed the lock so it should have worked.

I hope you get it solved. A locksmith can make the key without any code ans that was what I was prepared to have done. The locksmith came to my house and by the time he started I already had the rear lock out and he just used the code.

Good luck.
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