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Originally Posted by DReaux View Post
How's that workin' out for ya? My rig is track specific and there are certian turns where 1st is too high, and 2nd is too low (grunting)...

ROUGE states that dropping 1 in the front is nearly = to upping 3 on the rear... I don't want to jack with the swing arm distance too much...

BTW, I'm running 190s


To be honest, it just got switched. I was running 15/40 with the 190/55 and just didn't feel like +1 in the rear was gonna be an appreciable difference. The bike isn't street legal at the moment for good back-road testing, but we'll see how it fares at MSR-Cresson (short track) this coming Sunday. It's fairly tight and twisty, so it should be easy to tell if the 15/42 combo is just right or too much. Will report back with results.
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